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1Airport pickup dropping cityRS.900/-RS.1000/-RS.1500
2Calicut city to airport droppingRS.900/-RS.1000/-RS.1500
3Calicut local use 8 hr/80 kmRS.1500/-RS.1600/-RS.2200
4Calicut local use 4 hr/40 kmRS.850/-RS.1100/-RS.1500
5Calicut local use 2hr/20 kmRS.500/-RS.600/-RS.750
6Out station 150 km minimumRS.2100/-RS.2250/-RS.3000
72 days 1 night 300 km limitRS.4650+battaRS.5500+battaRS.6200+batta
83 days 2 night 450 km limitRS.7500+battaRS.7900+battaRS.9800+batta

Local use calicut extra km and extra hours charge applicable category of vehicle

Outstation night halting driver batta 200/ night